About Us

Intercorp Retail is a leading retail holding, present in multi-format retail operations. We are present across all regions in Peru as well as Ecuador and Bolivia through the pharmaceutical business.

Intercorp Retail maintains leadership in its three core segments: supermarkets, pharmacies and shopping malls. These three businesses place Intercorp Retail in a solid position in the fast-growing and underpenetrated Peruvian retail sector. Additionally, Intercorp Retail complements these businesses with operations in the segments of department stores, home improvement and consumer financial services.
Our integrated retail and shopping malls platform allows us to attract growing consumer traffic through our highly recognized retail brands and convenient locations. Through our different brands, we are able to offer a vast range of products intended to appeal to a wide range of socioeconomic levels in Peru.

We have an in-house team of real estate development focused on searching new locations. This has ensured us strategic locations in most of the cities of Peru. We believe this portfolio of diversified and well positioned real estate is difficult to imitate and allows us to benefit from the economic growth in different cities and through different socioeconomic levels.

We are controlled by Intercorp Peru (www.intercorp.com.pe), one of Peru’s largest Business Groups, with activities in financial services, retail, real estate and education.

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